School Aims

At Scholes School, we strive for all children to be ready for the next steps in their learning journey by:

  • Helping all children to achieve their maximum potential enabling each child to have a high self-esteem.
  • Creating a stimulating and safe environment which promotes excellence and enjoyment through learning.
  • Providing a balanced, flexible curriculum giving children a secure knowledge of key skills, particularly in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Computing.
  • Building on each child’s experience and their knowledge of the world through delivery of the curriculum and to prepare them for citizens of the future.
  • Being recognised as a friendly, open learning community where opinions of others are valued and acted upon.
  • Encouraging our children to become independent thinkers and learners in a rich learning environment and show that achievement and creativity can bring self-improvement.
  • Promoting good behaviour through a school culture based on respect for individuals and groups in an environment, where people are treated with equality, whether in terms of ability, gender, race, religion or culture.
  • Building on the partnership between parents and school, encouraging shared involvement with their child’s education, personal development and acknowledging their crucial role in their child’s development.
  • Continuing to develop the role of the school within the local and wider community, establishing and maintaining links that are beneficial to all involved

KIND Values @ Scholes

Pupil development is rooted within our KIND values - Kindness is key within all interactions at Scholes School and children embody this with each other, staff and all visitors. Our pupils are encouraged to build Independence - from the first days in Reception, right through to the leadership roles held in Key Stage Two. We Nurture not only one another, but also the talents of every individual where success is celebrated. All staff encourage children to have Determination in their actions - mistakes happen but provide valuable learning opportunities for personal growth.